U.S. imports crude oil from Australia

U.S. imports crude oil from Australia
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U.S. imports crude oil from Australia

Blame OPEC. Earlier, Trump issued a tweet that OPEC, the monopoly organization, must pay attention to the fact that gasoline prices are still rising, and they are not doingU.S. imports crude oil from Australia enough at present. The United States is defending their members, but they have allowed oil prices to rise. The effort must be in both directions. of. Reduce prices now! He accused OPEC of artificially raising oil prices.

Regarding possible sanctions measures, Venezuelan international lawyer Alba believes that in the short term, an oil embargo is unlikely, especially in April, when ConocoPhillips was approved to take over the $2 billion Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA. After Caribbean Assets.

As of press time, spot crude oil prices have risen slightly by US$0.27, or 0.42%, to US$602/barrel. Today’s opening price is reported at US$694/barrel. The current lowest point is US$657, a record low in nearly 2 months.

After learning to stop loss, after a period of operation, traders suddenly found that their principal is still decreasing as always, but the rate of reduction is much slower, that is, stop loss and stop loss, the more you stop, the more you stop. After analyzing my transaction records, I found that the direction of many of my transactions was problematic, which did not match the general direction of the market, so many transactions ended up with stop loss and liquidation. At this time, the capital curve showed a continuous drop in fragmented steps.

The IEA expects that the country’s crude oil production will be reduced this year at an accelerated rate, and will cut production by hundreds of thousands of barrels per day at the end of this year. As for Iran, the IEA stated that it is too early to predict the impact of US sanctions on Iranian crude oil. It will continue to closely monitor the development of the oil market and take actions when necessary to ensure market supply. IEA expects OPEC crude oil demand to remain at approximately 2.25 million barrels per day for the rest of this year.

It has repeatedly stated that it will continue to import Iranian oil. At the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July, Lu Kang stated that he opposes the implementation of long-arm jurisdiction by some countrieU.S. imports crude oil from Australias at every turn. We will maintain normal cooperation and exchanges with countries around the world within the scope permitted by international law; then at the press conference on August, Geng Shuang confirmed the same point again. But in fact, it is possible to directly purchase Iranian oil, and when other countries reduce their imports of Iranian oil, they have been constantly increasing their imports. So it is not in line with the new partner of Iran’s vice president.

Yasser El Gudi, a market strategist at Aspects, explained that this is the first time since February 205 that the end of the price curve has driven the overall price curve higher. It seems that investors are beginning to doubt the theory of'persistent low prices'.

According to sources, OPEC may decide to relax its requirement for a record-breaking 66% production cut in April and replace it with a supply restriction agreement. Even if OPEC decides to relax output restrictions in June, it may take up to four months to take effect.