U.S. crude oil storage capacity utilization

U.S. crude oil storage capacity utilization
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U.S. crude oil storage capacity utilization

The chairman of CNOOC said: The company has achieved fruitful results in the first half of the year. The company will continue to strengthen its confidence and make solid progress to ensure the successful completion of the main production and operation indicators for the whole year and create more value for shareholders. CNOOC also stated that it will study specific measures to resolutely fight for the high-quality development of U.S. crude oil storage capacity utilizationdomestic exploration and development business, and make due contributions to my country's crude oil production target of 200 million tons.

Almost all crude oil is priced in U.S. dollars. As the U.S. dollar has also begun to strengthen, the market has begun to worry that this may cause a blow to the economy, especially in Asia, which is particularly dependent on crude oil imports, which may lead to rising inflation as costs continue to rise. It will hit investors and related companies.

People familiar with the matter said earlier this month that South Korean refineries will not finally decide whether to continue to purchase condensate from Iran in the third quarter after the negotiations between South Korea and US President Trump are completed. In addition, these refineries have not yet purchased the oil and gas raw materials needed in July.

Investing in spot crude oil below 50,000 funds is considered small-scale operating funds. The rate of return should not be too high, too fast, and slow. The monthly profit should be considered as a steady rate of return between 5000-0000. A reasonable normal range between 0 and 20,000 is considered to be quite good.

The much-anticipated minutes of the Fed’s July policy meeting were finally released, and the Fed’s internal interest rate hike differences are still large. Some members of the Federal Reserve with voting rights at the July meeting thought that interest rates might need to be raised soon, but many members with voting rights expressed disapproval of a short-term interest rate hike for fear of a slowdown in employment growth in the future. Several voting members hope to see more signs that inflation can rise to the target before raising interest rates.

The favorable crude oil prices have emerged one after another. Some believe that the return of international crude oil prices to the $00 mark is not a pipe dream. Because there are four major benefits to support oil prices, the international oil prices will continue to rise and set new highs in the future. Details can bU.S. crude oil storage capacity utilizatione seen below.

Data shows that as of the 7th working day of the current round of price adjustments, the rate of change of crude oil has been adjusted to -0.2%, which corresponds to a reduction of 9 yuan/ton for refined oil, and the red line for refined oil price adjustments of 50 yuan/ton has not been reached. That is to say, the overnight surge will surely smooth out the downward adjustment, which will end the price adjustment on the 4th of the month.