international crude oil market

By international crude oil market

Crude oil analysis pdf

International crude oil prices closed up moderately on May, and the trend showed a V-shaped reversal. Although the negative impact of US crude oil inventories and output growth is still fermenting, the decline in OPEC production and the intensified crisis

By international crude oil market

U.S. crude oil off the target list

As of press time, Brent crude oil futures fell 0.5% to $7 per barrel, and US crude oil futures fell 0.29% to $68 per barrel. September crude oil futures closed up 96%, investors increased their long positions due to the depreciation of the renminbi, and g

By international crude oil market

Crude oil market sentiment

Abstract: According to EIAs latest forecast, the price of Brent crude oil will remain at US$7 in the second half of the year, and the spread between the U.S. and Burundi oil will remain at around US$7 this year and next year. It is estimated that US crude

By international crude oil market

Crude oil spot price chart

For friends with spot crude oil sets, if the set is relatively light, or the position is relatively light, it is recommended to cut a small loss directly, and if the position is relatively heavy, it is recommended to add gold to protect the position. Beca

By international crude oil market

Crude oil market price today

Oil pipeline capacity restrictions in the Permian region of the United States continue to suppress crude oil prices in the region. As crude oil production increases beyond the capacity of existing pipeline infrastructure, producers must transport crude oi

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